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Express Alios Dehorner Spare 15mm Tip

Replacement tip for Express Alios Heavy duty dehorner.
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Sky Tech Blue Dairy Wipes

Will fit standard dispensers. Has great strength and absorbing rate even when wet. Handy to have to keep dairy and accessories clean.

Dairy Wipes Sky Tech Blue 2Ply 6 rolls x 150mtr.

Intra Repiderma Spray

Repiderma is a protective hoof and dermal spray that gives visible results after the 1st day! With its unique and patented formulation, Intra Repiderma is unlike any other spray in the market. By spraying micronized organic powder minerals, Intra Repiderma forms a protective layer which has a very strong adhesion to provide the optimal contact time to the hooves and skin. Last but not least, the product is safe to use for the farmer, the animal and the environment.

- Patented antibiotic free product
- Protective layer for the hooves and skin
- Strong adhesion, for at least 3 days
- Sprays in every angle, even upside down
- 80-100 applications: hoof, udder cleft, dehorning, navel and skin care

250ml can

Eartag Marker Pen - Black

Special pen for marking plain tags. Ink penetrates the plastic.

Hornex Calf Dehorning Paste

Hornex calf dehorning paste comes in a 25g container with a wooden applicator. Hornex is a caustic dehorning paste for use in calves under 7 days old.

Available in UK only.