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Easycal Capsules

A rapid onset steady release high calcium oral capsule for dairy cows to reduce the risk of post-calving milk fever and sub-clinical calcium deficiency has been developed by Animax. In carbonate form Easycal® Capsules supply 60g of calcium which the maker claims is 40% higher than other supplements of this type.
Brand: Animax
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Agri Mint - 1lt

• Antibiotic Free
• No withdrawal period
• Natural product
• Unique composition
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Tracesure Cattle XL with Copper 10's

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Only available for purchase in the Republic of Ireland

Electric Milk Warmer - E2000

German engineered - powerful, sturdy and easily cleaned milk heaters. Feature an adjustable thermostat, which will maintain a constant temperature while heating the milk and automatically cut off when the milk has reached the desired temperature, this insures the heater will never burn the milk.

Lightweight and portable. The milk heater uses a powerful 2000w heater and is ideal for heating small or large amounts of milk. The round designed heating element and stand pipe are manufactured from high quality stainless steel, this makes the heater easy to clean and highly hygienic. Features a minimal heat up time and is powered from a three pin plug. Has a waterproof rating of IPx7.

The Lister Milk Heaters comes with a 1 year warranty.