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Half Mask 6000 - Large

The 3M 6000 series reusable half face respirator mask helps to provide protection against particles, gases and vapours when used with an approved cartridge or filter (NIOSH). It’s vitally important when in an environment that has harmful gases to uphold your safety and health. Coupling the dual airline respirator the correct cartridges/filters is vital and 3M are one of the best to ensure you uphold your safety and health through the 6000 series respirators. The respirator is reusable as the cartridges and filters can be exchanged or disposed once used to capacity. Design The 6000 series respirator mask features twin lightweight filters, which can be specialised to suit your individual needs. Fitting the respirator is easy with two straps for a comfortable yet secure fitment, with adjusting straps to make sure it feel snug against your face. Its lightweight design makes this reusable respirator a favourite for professionals, to fit and dismount swiftly between jobs and the low profile design doesn’t obstruct the field of view. Protection Once the straps are adjusted the face piece is fully secured to the user’s face not allowing any harmful gases or particles to be inhaled. The 6000 series offers versatility for various environments and applications, with the approved cartridges and filters. This respirator and the cartridges/filters can be used in combination can be provide protections against a variety of hazards at concentrations up to 10 time the Permissible Exposure Limit (PEL). The 6000 Cartridges, 2000, 2200, 7000 or 5000 series filters are compatible with a 6200 respirator. They are all easily attached with a quarter turn twist on and off onto the face piece. Offering an alternative to the cartridges/filters the 6000 series an be used with high or low 3M Dual Airline systems, allowing flexibility and easy connections between both systems. Features and Benefits • Face Piece is made from soft, lightweight material • Cradle head harness and easy to fasten neck strap • Dual filter design and Airline system available • Bayonet style fitting cartridges and filters • Minimal obstruction to overall vision
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Premium Safety Goggles

Large profile 3M™ GoggleGear™ Safety Goggles range, with enough space to fit over most prescription glasses Polycarbonate lens options available for impact resistance and acetate lens options available for improved chemical resistance Indirect ventilation versions available to protect against liquid droplets and large dust particles and sealed ventilation versions available to protect against small dust particles and gas protection Cylindrical curved lens design for optimal horizontal field of vision 3M™ Scotchgard™ Anti-Fog Coating provides superior anti-fog and anti-scratch properties (available on selected models) Wide flexible nose area to fit well with half-mask respirators GG2895S with IR 5 lens filter popular for gas welding and metal cutting 3M™ GoggleGear™ Safety Goggles 2890 Series are high-wrap safety goggles available with a superior anti-scratch and anti-fog coatings for increased durability and vision. Our goggles feature a modern, slim design and a wide, nylon elastic strap for easy adjustability. For eye protection with an excellent field of vision and reduced fogging in hot or humid conditions, use 3M™ GoggleGear™ Safety Goggles 2890 Series. Our modern, slim-design safety goggles are available with a wide, nylon elastic strap for simple adjustment to ensure a close and comfortable fit.