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Vink Cattle Brush

The Vink cattle brush has a fixed vertical brush and a spring loaded horizontal brush, fully galvanised for a long life. Vink recommended one brush for 50/60 cows. They love it!
Brand: Vink
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Disposable Dosing Syringe - 140ml

Dosing Syringe for oral use for medical administration purpose. The syringe is designed like a cylindrical tube having marking scale on the side to reduce medication error and correct dosage for animals.

Raidex Marking Stick - Orange

Crayons based on special waxes and paraffin oil. High-quality pigments are used to achieve an excellent colour quality. The sticks are set apart by effective writing capability on hide, temperature stability, colour intensity and high luminance. The ingredients are harmless for humans or animals.

Used for short-term marking, primarily of cattle, sheep and pigs. The marking remains visible on the upper back of cattle and sheep for approx. four weeks, on pigs one to two weeks.

Luer Needles - 18g X 1/2"

The Luer Lock Needles are stainless steel needles used for vaccination purpose. The needles can be easily screwed into the syringe with luer lock attachment. The needles are safe to use and do not bend or break while penetrating into the skin. Luer needles are reusable, so that after each use wash with warm water to make it germ free.

Pack of 12 needles

Burgon & Ball Single Bow Shears - 3.5" - Straight Edge

Excellent shears for dagging, trimming and tidying. Single bow gives stiffer squeeze with greatest resistance to blade separation. Ideal for dirty greasy fleece.