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Bovi Bond Block Adhesive - 210ml

Fast setting urethane adhesive designed to bond wood or rubber blocks to bovine hooves. Initial set time of 30 seconds. Weight bearing in 2-3 mins. No fumes or odours.
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Bovi-Bond Rubber Hoof Block - 12cm

Bovi-Bond hoof block rubber is the original hoof block designed to solve claw diseases of lame cattle. This unique design is created to provide unsurpassed traction and comfort on wet and slippery surfaces. When applied correctly, the hoof block reduces pressure of the injured part of the hoof, so that it can heal. This is the best way to treat cattle lameness and hoof care diseases. Bovi-Bond Hoof Block Rubber works great in combination with Bovi-Bond Block Adhesive.

Demotec Hoof Block - 11cm

Wooden block for Demotec complete hoof treatment repair system Wooden blocks and fixing agents for bonding block to claw. Accelerator halves curing time.

Lamb Reviver - 140ml - Clear Tube

Graduated clear syringe with catheter. Essential aid at lambing for dosing colostrum into lambs.

Agrihealth Stock Spray Marker - Blue

Agrihealth brand marking spray ideal for short term marking when animals need to be identified. Quick and convenient marking of animals in all weather conditions. Dries instantly and has long durability. Marks remain bright even after persistent heavy rain.