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Liscop Cutter & Comb - A6

Standard cutter and comb set for normal cattle clipping. Leaves 3mm hair. (will fit Liscop 3000 & 4000 machines)
Brand: Liscop
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Fenceman Warning Sign

The Fenceman Warning Sign is a durable, yellow plastic warning sign suitable for any electrical fencing system. It can be fixed quickly and easily to the fence and it is particularly useful in areas where the public have access.

Screw-In Clip for Tape - 40mm 25's

These are good quality insulators that screw into wooden fence posts and will hold tape up to 40mm wide or rope up to 6mm diameter. Both 20mm & 40mm tape can be used and slot into the top of the insulator, the tongue is then pressed shut and clipped over at the top to hold the tape securely in place. Alternatively, rope can be used through the guide hole for rope or twine, these insulators will take rope up to approx. 6mm and again the clip just locks the insulator closed at the top to hold the rope in place. The thread on the insulator's screw also has a notch cut out of it making it easier for it to bite into the wood when being screwed in place. Ideally suited for most tape fences and the main advantage over insulators that hold tape loosely is that should the tape break for any reason then the remaining tape will not flap around destroying itself. The fence line will still be in position apart from the area which has broken.

DP 350B Battery Fencer - DP350B

Ideal for paddock, strip grazing and gardens. Adjustable pulse rate from 20-60 pulses per minute. Earth stake included. Powered by four D cell batteries (included).Also works with 12v battery.

Latex Pullover Lamb Teat

A traditional latex pullover teat that fits over any standard bottle neck. We recommend that you replace teats after 1-2 months of use or whenever they start to show signs of wear.