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Super Sensitive Armlength Gloves

Disposable arm length gloves, 90 cm long, smooth, extremely strong and with ultra high sensitivity. For rectal exams, artificial insemination and obstetrics. 100% polyethylene.

Dispenser box of 100
Brand: Krutex
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SKU: 150620
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Soft Examination Armlength Gloves

These Krusse Krutex soft disposable examination gloves are suitable for rectal examinations, artificial inseminations and obstetric jobs performed by veterinary professionals. These examination gloves are to be used as protection from dirt and non-hazardous fluids. These green Krutex disposable 95cm shoulder length gloves come in a box of 100 gloves.

Engemycin Spray - 200ml

Aerosol spray containing oxytetracycline for use in cattle, sheep and pigs.

Active ingredient: Oxytetracycline

Footcare & Sanitising Spray

Specially formulated for use as an aid to maintaining good hoof condition and all other similar topical applications. Suitable for all livestock


Express Gas Refill

Providing better performance levels than a simple butane cartridge, this butane/propane/propene cartridge Cat. No. 456 has been designed for use with Alios, Arkos and Daos (with gas cartridge) dehorners.

Gas cartridge with foam barrier. Enables the cartridge to be turned upside-down safely.