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Bullholder No.1 High Quality

Spring loaded alloy finish Hiatts brand No.1 bullholder.
Brand: Agrihealth
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Flat Plate Suckling Preventor

The Anti Suckler Flat Type is easy to fit and allows the weanling to eat and drink freely but prevents the weanling from suckling. Does not use spikes or prongs so the weaning process is less stressful for both cow and weanling which will encourage the weanling to eat more and gain weight quicker. The Anti Suckler Flat Type is a humane and non-invasive to prevent weanlings or heifers from sucking on other cows.

Agrihealth Stomach Tube & Bag

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3ltr capacity

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Softer feel standard hole cut teat for use in automatic systems.

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Hornex calf dehorning paste comes in a 25g container with a wooden applicator. Hornex is a caustic dehorning paste for use in calves under 7 days old.

Available in UK only.