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Eco Natural Dairy Wipes - 6 pack

The Eco Natural Dairy Wipe is a simple and effective means of maintaining pre-milking hygiene in your milk parlour. Neglection of simple dairy hygiene standards can result in pathogens such as mastitis to spread throughout the herd. The ​Eco Natural Dairy Wipe has the advantage of being formulated for dairying in wet climates, and is made entirely from recycled beverage cartons. ​Eco Natural Dairy Wipes are food safe certified, and eco label certified with no added dyes or colourants. They are ideal for wiping down teats to remove mud and dirt before the animal is milked. Eco Natural Dairy Wipes are strong, durable, highly absorbent and are the only wipe you will ever need for cleaning various spills around the farm.

Compared to other paper towels used on farms Eco Natural Dairy Wipe are thicker, stronger, more absorbent, last longer and are manufactured to a higher quality using recycled materials.
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Intra Repiderma Spray

Repiderma is a protective hoof and dermal spray that gives visible results after the 1st day! With its unique and patented formulation, Intra Repiderma is unlike any other spray in the market. By spraying micronized organic powder minerals, Intra Repiderma forms a protective layer which has a very strong adhesion to provide the optimal contact time to the hooves and skin. Last but not least, the product is safe to use for the farmer, the animal and the environment.

- Patented antibiotic free product
- Protective layer for the hooves and skin
- Strong adhesion, for at least 3 days
- Sprays in every angle, even upside down
- 80-100 applications: hoof, udder cleft, dehorning, navel and skin care

250ml can