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Maran Milk Filters - 7.5"

Maran quality milk straining filter pads. Pack of 100
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Economy Cross Cut Calf Teat - 100mm - White

Natural rubber teat with a firmer feel.

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White Cross Cut Calf Teat - 100mm

Softer economy teat that fits bucket bar and calf bar feeder units.

Half Curved PenKnife - Red

Half curved knife with carbon steel blade and red plastic handle with lanyard hole.

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Tell Tail Paint - Red

Tell Tail Brush On Tail Paint is an oil based fluorescent paint used for heat detection in cattle. The paint is easy to apply and because of its vivid colours it is easy to see your markings. Tell Tail Brush On Tail Paint comes in four easy to see colours, green, blue, red and orange. When applied properly the markings can last up to 28 days. One bottle of Tell Tail Brush On Tail Paint can mark up to 80 animals.