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Ratchet Wire Strainer

The Ratchet Strainer with Insulator is a permanent wire tensioner used for tightening or loosening ropes or poly wires. The strainer has a smooth spring clip design for maintaining tension and joining fencing wires. They are strong and easy to use with all types of fencing applications.
Brand: Fenceman
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leovet Power Phaser Spray

Total protection against all insects and horse flies. Power Phaser gives seven hours of protection, even if your horse sweats.
Tested and approved by the Swiss Institute for Tropical Medicine.
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Lamina 1.25 Gallon Bucket

Kick and stomp resistant the Lamina bucket is an ideal bucket for multiple uses. The Blue Lamina bucket is calibrated on the inside of the bucket in imperial and metric for rough guidance when feeding.

1.25 Gallon

Colour: Blue

Combination Screw-In - 25

These insulators are perfect for poly-tape, poly-rope and wire electric fences. They are designed to hold both tape up to 20mm wide and rope up to 7mm thick so you can change according to what animal you are enclosing at any one time. Because of the design, the tape is held away from the fence about 1.5". This makes these the ideal choice when your posts are knarled or twisted in some way. No more having to remove and realign the fenceposts just to have an effective stretch of electric fencing. Like the other screw in insulators, it's always best to drill a hole in the fencepost first as the strain can sometimes damage the insulator.

Standard - 12.5mm x 200m - White

Ideal fencing for herding safety, as it guarantees maximum conductivity. Excellent conductivity thanks to 0.15mm stainless steel conductors. 12.5mm and 20mm contain 5 conductors whereas the 400mm contain 10. The strong monofilament polythene strands increases tear resistance, meaning it is designed to last. Available in white or green colours and variety of wides and lengths.