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Adjustable Isobloc - 25

Adjustable for steel posts up to 14mm diameter.
Brand: Fenceman
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SKU: 126190
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Screw-In Clip for Tape - 40mm 25's

These are good quality insulators that screw into wooden fence posts and will hold tape up to 40mm wide or rope up to 6mm diameter. Both 20mm & 40mm tape can be used and slot into the top of the insulator, the tongue is then pressed shut and clipped over at the top to hold the tape securely in place. Alternatively, rope can be used through the guide hole for rope or twine, these insulators will take rope up to approx. 6mm and again the clip just locks the insulator closed at the top to hold the rope in place. The thread on the insulator's screw also has a notch cut out of it making it easier for it to bite into the wood when being screwed in place. Ideally suited for most tape fences and the main advantage over insulators that hold tape loosely is that should the tape break for any reason then the remaining tape will not flap around destroying itself. The fence line will still be in position apart from the area which has broken.

Liveryman A5 Blade Wide Fine 1.0mm

Pre-tension snap on blade suitable for Harmony Plus and Bruno clippers. All our Liveryman A5 blades have been designed to make clipping an easy and more comfortable experience for your horse or pet. We use the highest quality materials and precision engineering to ensure a durable and long lasting blade with a high quality finish.

1mm cutting height

Poly Post - 1.4m - Green

A lightweight insulated post suitable for pasture management. The post has a UV resistant body and a pointed foot for easy installation on the ground. It provides a temporary fencing solution for horses, cattle and sheep. The post has a height of 1.4m above ground level.

Pack of 10 posts

Standard - 20mm x 200m - White

Ideal fencing for herding safety, as it guarantees maximum conductivity. Excellent conductivity thanks to 0.15mm stainless steel conductors. 12.5mm and 20mm contain 5 conductors whereas the 400mm contain 10. The strong monofilament polythene strands increases tear resistance, meaning it is designed to last. Available in white or green colours and variety of wides and lengths.