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Deltanil Dosing Gun - 10ml

Dosing gun for use with Deltanil 10mg / ml Pour On
Brand: Agrihealth
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Provita Lamb Response - 100ml

Provita Lamb Response oral liquid suspension supplies a unique combination of beneficial bacteria, egg powder and vitamins to kick start newborn lambs. Lambs are born with a sterile gut. Provita Lamb Response should be used to aid the establishment of beneficial bacteria within the digestive tract. In young lambs prior to having a fully functioning rumen, it has been shown that there is a need for dietary supplements of vitamins, especially fat soluble and B vitamins. When to use: Give to new born lambs at birth, after digestive upset or after antibiotic therapy to re-colonise the gut with healthy bacteria.

Growvite Sheep - 1lt

Growvite Sheep is a high quality complementary feeding stuff providing chelated minerals, vitamins and trace elements essential for improved fertility in sheep and improved thrive in lambs and ewes. Growvite Sheep has produced the following results at clinical trials carried out by the Institute for Rural Studies at the University of Wales: • 22% increase in lambs born alive; • 50% decrease in barrenness; • Ewes in better body condition; Instructions for Proper Use • Sheep: For all breeding stock give 10ml Growvite sheep to each ewe 2 weeks prior to mating and give a further 10ml from 4 weeks before lambing • Lambs over 3 weeks old: 1ml per 5kg of body weight at intervals of 6 weeks Growvite sheep should be administered with care and can be mixed with feed on an individual basis or given in water

Neoprinil Dosing Gun - 70ml

Pour on applicator for use with Neoprinil