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Electric Milk Warmer - E2000

German engineered - powerful, sturdy and easily cleaned milk heaters. Feature an adjustable thermostat, which will maintain a constant temperature while heating the milk and automatically cut off when the milk has reached the desired temperature, this insures the heater will never burn the milk.

Lightweight and portable. The milk heater uses a powerful 2000w heater and is ideal for heating small or large amounts of milk. The round designed heating element and stand pipe are manufactured from high quality stainless steel, this makes the heater easy to clean and highly hygienic. Features a minimal heat up time and is powered from a three pin plug. Has a waterproof rating of IPx7.

The Lister Milk Heaters comes with a 1 year warranty.
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Luer Needles - 18g X 3/4"

The Luer Lock Needles are stainless steel needles used for vaccination purpose. The needles can be easily screwed into the syringe with luer lock attachment. The needles are safe to use and do not bend or break while penetrating into the skin. Luer needles are reusable, so that after each use wash with warm water to make it germ free.

Pack of 12 needles

Paragon Screw On Lamb Teat - Single

Teat that screws onto threaded bottle neck.

Lamina 1.25 Gallon Bucket

Kick and stomp resistant the Lamina bucket is an ideal bucket for multiple uses. The Blue Lamina bucket is calibrated on the inside of the bucket in imperial and metric for rough guidance when feeding.

1.25 Gallon

Colour: Blue

Big Softy Teat

The Big Softy teat is suitable for all types of feeders with standard 20-22mm holes. Teat design prevents leakage and opens freely as calf begins to suck. Intake elbow allows calf to empty all milk from bottom of container.