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Agrimin Bolus Gun Sheep

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leovet Power Phaser Roll-On

Power Phaser Roll On with an especially high concentration of active ingredients which protect the horse against mosquitoes, horse flies, flies, and ticks, even during perspiration. Gentle on skin and perfectly suited for horses with sensitive skin. Ideal for sensitive areas such as the ears and face.


Provita Energy Plus - 500ml

Provita Energy Plus is a nutritional supplement providing an instantly available energy source to cows with ketosis. It contains energy sources that can be rapidly converted to glucose in the liver, supplying high levels of blood sugar without the harmful over production of Ketone bodies. Cobalt and B12 also counteract deficiencies which contribute to an energy deficit. Herbs stimulate appetite to encourage intake and speed up recovery.

Agrimin 24.7 Magnesium Bolus - 15gx20 - Calves/Sheep

Agrimin's 24/7 Magnesium Bullets are a dietetic complimentary feed for cattle & sheep. They are sustained release boluses containing a combination of magnesium, copper and aluminium. These boluses are designed to help in the prevention of hypomagnesaemia in animals grazing on rapidly growing spring grass. 24/7 Magnesium Bullets will help farmers to manage the magnesium status of their herd during the periods of highest risk.

About 24/7 Magnesium Bullets
24/7 Magnesium Bullets are moulded metal cylinders made from a magnesium/aluminium/copper alloy. After administration, they remain in the animal's reticulum or at the base of the rumen. There, they break down, providing a continuous release of magnesium by electrolytic solution. They provide a magnesium release for four weeks.

Magnesium 86%
Aluminium 12%
Copper weighted with iron shot 2%
Each bolus contains either 15g.

Bio Copper Chelate - 6x30ml

A Highyly Bio-Available Source of Copper. An adequate intake of the trace mineral copper is essential for cartilage formation and maturation in young growing horses. (for copper deficiency)