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Shoof Vet Rope - 2.8m

Vet-Rope is soft and safe. Made out of 24mm-diameter marine-grade polyester, it flattens out when wrapped around a limb. Will not cut, burn or chafe. Will not rot. Gets better with every wash (cold wash only). Each with eye splice one end.
Brand: Shoof
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Luer Needles - 18g X 1/2"

The Luer Lock Needles are stainless steel needles used for vaccination purpose. The needles can be easily screwed into the syringe with luer lock attachment. The needles are safe to use and do not bend or break while penetrating into the skin. Luer needles are reusable, so that after each use wash with warm water to make it germ free.

Pack of 12 needles

Calf Feeder Bottle - 3lt

Calibrated calf feeding bottle with integral carry handle. Complete with teat.

3 litre capacity

Cattle Cotton Halter - White

Cotton rope halter, making it comfortable for the animal, and less likely to cause itch or irritation to the animal. It is designed to lead, tie or restrain livestock if necessary. It is an economical halter and an absolute necessary device around the farm.

12mm x 3.6m

Vink Cattle Hoist

The Vink cattle hoist allows easy lifting of a 'downer' cow by clamping the hoist on to the cow's hip (pin) bones so she can be lifted gently to her feet. It is recommened to that hobbles should be fitted to stop her falling again.