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Intra Aqua Acid - 25Kgs

Intra Aqua Acid Mineral is a specially formulated acid blend, best suited to poultry. It contains highly bioavailable chelated zinc, and is designed to enhance gut wall integrity. Because Intra Aqua Acid Mineral is a blend of organic acids, it helps to reduce the pH of water and the proximal part of the gut. This helps to inhibit the growth and potency of pathogens, while stimulating the establishment of a balanced intestinal microbiota.

• A premium organic blend with a dual mode of action for an optimal gut environment Intra Aqua Acid Mineral contains a carefully selected blend of premium quality organic acids which have a synergistic effect on microbial control.
• Supports microbial balance and poultry performance an imbalance in gut microbiota will cause issues like diarrhoea (causing wet litter) and undigested feed which affects overall poultry performance and eventually farmer’s profit.
• Helps to reduce moisture levels in faeces High moisture levels in faeces is an indication of an imbalance in the gut microbiota. It causes wet litter which is associated with several welfare issues such as footpad dermatitis and reduced air quality due to elevated ammonia levels.
• Benefits protein enzyme functioning which promotes optimal protein utilisation Protein enzyme production is activated by a low stomach pH. Intra Aqua Acid Mineral reduces stomach pH which optimizes protein enzyme activation and therefore protein utilization.
• Highly bioavailable chelated zinc to support gut wall integrity Zinc may enhance the gut barrier function and aid in restoring the gut lining, ensuring that the intestinal wall is strong and non-porous. Bioavailability is essential for optimal uptake by the intestinal wall.
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