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Udder Cream Bhb - 1.1kg

A readily absorbent cream to maintain good udder condition and aid in the treatment of chaps and sores.
Brand: Battles
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Antahi Trusti Starter Kit

An economical pack with all of the pieces to get you started with easier calf feeding.

Contains a Trusti Tuber, 4L Feeder bottle & Teat cap.

Only available for purchase in the Republic of Ireland

Volostrum Calf - 450g

Volac Calf Volostrum is a proven 100% natural alternative to Cows colostrum. It has been tested on farms to ensure its ability to match a mother’s milk quality for Calves. Volac Calf Volostrum has high protein and oil levels designed to help the calf fight disease, and the highly digestible energy guards against hypothermia. Comes in a hygienic and easy to use pouch.

Provita Response Paste - 35g

Provita Response Paste is an orally administered paste which provides energy, colostrum, probiotic bacteria, egg powder and vitamins to help give newborn calves a kick-start. For optimum absorption of the colostrum, it should be administered within the first six hours of birth. Response Paste also contains the same high level multi strain probiotic bacteria that are in Provita Protect.

Provita Mintcondition - 500g

Provita Mint Condition is an emollient antibiotic-free cream containing 35% Japanese peppermint oil to soothe and promote healthy udders. The peppermint oil stimulates blood flow when massaged into the udder. Lanolin has a soothing effect on the udders and Vitamin E serves as a natural skin conditioner. Provita Mint Condition is a natural product with no milk withdrawal.