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Teat Plugs Alternative

Teat plugs are used to accelerate the recovery of injured teat openings and infected teats. Application: Clean and disinfect the teat and the teat opening thoroughly then insert the teat plug in the teat canal.

Pack of 20
Brand: Agrihealth
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A soothing barrier ointment for cuts, grazes, bruises, chapped teats & skin abrasions. Contains neem oil which acts as a fly repellent.

Shoof Vet Rope - 2.5m

Vet-Rope is soft and safe. Made out of 24mm-diameter marine-grade polyester, it flattens out when wrapped around a limb. Will not cut, burn or chafe. Will not rot. Gets better with every wash (cold wash only). Each with eye splice one end.

Daisy Lifter Heavy Duty - XL

The Shoof Daisy-Lifter cow lifter is designed for medium term support for a down cow. The cow is supported over a large body area, thus reducing pressure points. Fully adjustable to any size animal and manufactured from long-life materials. The Daisy Lifter is supplied as a complete kit in a handy carry bag. The X-Large model should be used for large size dairy breeds and larger beef cows. Recommended maximum lift load for the Daisy Lifter is 1,000kg.

Colombus Teat Plugs - 20

Lubricated teat plug to keep open injured teat canal.