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Animal Shampoo - 5lt

A concentrated cleansing shampoo with a medicated fragrance for that perfect show or sale ring preparation.
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Agrihealth Stock Spray Marker - Red

Agrihealth brand marking spray ideal for short term marking when animals need to be identified. Quick and convenient marking of animals in all weather conditions. Dries instantly and has long durability. Marks remain bright even after persistent heavy rain.


PP8 - 45ah - 6V

Suitable for fencers up tp 0.3j.

Tomcat 2 Rat Blox - 3kg

Tomcat 2 Blox are becoming the main seller for rodent control. They are easy to handle, very attractive to rodents, both rats and mice plus are cost effective in use. Like humans, rat and mouse tastes and fancies change with time and Bell Laboratories challenge this change from preference to cut wheat and whole wheat, to a liking for mixed food types. Tomcat Blocks contain around 15 different rodent attractive food products, carefully blended to make this one of the most attractive poisoned baits for both rats and mice. Blocks also provide ideal, rodent preferred, gnawing surfaces, combined with extended life in the field, so are particularly useful for outdoor bait stations.

Bell have combined this bait with the second generation anticoagulant, Bromadiolone, for stunning rat and mouse kill levels. It is possible for a rats or mice to consume a lethal dose in one feed, death will occur 4-7 days later. Regular daily feeding is best for a certain kill so ensure baits are regularly topped up and not allowed to run out. Check rodent poison baits every other day if possible.

All Tomcat rodenticidal products contain a human aversive agent to avoid consumption by children.

Contains: Bromadiolone 0.005% w/w and denatonium benzoate human aversive agent.

Cow Immobiliser Extra Heavy Duty Springs - 9mm

Replacement springs for cow immobiliser