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Provita Mintcondition - 500g

Provita Mint Condition is an emollient antibiotic-free cream containing 35% Japanese peppermint oil to soothe and promote healthy udders. The peppermint oil stimulates blood flow when massaged into the udder. Lanolin has a soothing effect on the udders and Vitamin E serves as a natural skin conditioner. Provita Mint Condition is a natural product with no milk withdrawal.
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Only available for purchase in the Republic of Ireland

Udder Cream Bhb - 400g

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Provita Vital Boost - 800g

Provita Vital Boost should be offered to a freshly calved cow within 1 hour after calving for maximum effect to provide vital nutrients and minerals to combat common postpartum disorders, and boost cows in early lactation or suckling. The large volume drink aids full rumen expansion to avoid displaced abomasum, increase gut motility and encourage swift return of cow appetite. Vital Boost contains complementary ratios of essential macronutrients to enhance milk fever prevention and it offers high energy for immediate cow recovery after calving. It provides high levels of Vitamin E and Selenium that possess antioxidant capacity assist the cow’s immune response at an obvious time of stress plus a live yeast to improve gut health. Finally, Vital Boost provides high levels of vitamins to counteract deficiencies, especially niacin to alleviate the negative energy state experienced in freshly calved cows.

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Only available for purchase in the Republic of Ireland